BITLAB.MEDIA is a forward thinking design group that uses automated AI bots that help organize and collect information about projects to expidite the creative process. Once your project is submitted through one of our AI agents, your material will be promptly delivered. Our goal is to provide fast service for common creative projects like business cards, flyers, photo and video editing. Live agents are available throughout the process. More complex work like websites are managed with a personal assistant. We also provide photo, audio/video production sevices. Try our one of our AI agents, get your project rolling today!


Hi there, my name is JJ Soto. I am from DALLAS, TEXAS and have worked with Design & Marketing, A/V Production, Website Production and Backend Management since college days at STANFORD UNIVERSITY in PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA (1993-1998) where I earned a Masters Degree in MUSIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

After graduating STANFORD, I moved to NEW YORK CITY, and founded the record label CALICO PARK ENTERTAINMENT with fellow colleagues, and later EVOLUTION MEDIA LAB (EML3.COM), a collective of media professionals that focused on incubating internet projects during the DOT COM SUCCESS ERA of the late 90′s. In NEW YORK, we worked with numerous prolific internet projects for MTV.COM, BMG.COM, BOO.COM, KOZMO.COM, CONTROLCOMMERCE.COM, LEAHC.COM. HEAVY.COM, and many others. From the collective grew BITLAB MEDIA GROUP, which currently represents media producers, writers and performers around the world. Our current focus is media production using AI technology, making media services available from talent around the world. Get in touch with us to learn more!